Master Bao. Challenging Food Court Conventions.

The third and newest member to the group, Master Bao brings a healthy serving of love, care and asian tradition to Westfield London.

Our challenge was to project the group’s ethos, across the river and translate it into a suitable format fit for Westfield. A carefully considered positioning helped the brand strengthen the groups’ presence, without diluting its personality.

The Master Bao brand is layered with its heritage and values, yet adapted to a contemporary setting to express a new perspective on what food court experiences can be: rich, meaningful and engaging.

Services ︎ Strategy & Positioning ︎︎︎ Naming ︎︎︎ Creative Direction ︎︎︎ Visual Identity ︎︎︎ Interior Concepts ︎︎︎ Packaging & Print ︎︎︎ Art Direction ︎︎︎ Typography ︎︎︎ Illustration

Lucas Garcia ︎︎︎ Illustration

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