Daddy Bao. Tooting’s Neighbourhood Taiwanese 

The second chaper in the Bao trillogy, Daddy Bao brings a taiwanese experience both rooted in heritage, and the dynamics of family.  The brand itselfs plays on it’s persona as a ‘father’, expressing it’s message with an authentic serving of personality. 

Services  ︎ Creative Direction ︎︎︎ Brand Identity ︎︎︎ Art Direction ︎︎︎ Interior Concepts ︎︎︎ Illustration ︎︎︎ Animation Packaging

Mason London ︎︎︎ Illustration
Kit Powis ︎︎︎ Photography

In collaboration with Mason London, we crafted three hanging scrolls to express Daddy Bao’s brand story & heritage - a contemporary take on the traditional ‘Lizhou’ handscroll. The scrolls depict Frank’s father Joe’s story, within which he traveled from Hong Kong to the UK in pursuit of his dream of opening a restaurant. They now hang as a wall feature in Daddy Bao.