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Old friends Solo Coffee launched their cold brew back in 2015 with a simple point of view: coffee is confusing, and most of it sucks. Flat whites, double frappuccinos & pumpkin spiced lattes were distracting from a simple daily pleasure, coffee.

The honest truth that coffee helps you do your thing (whatever that thing might be) led us to a distinctive & bold aesthetic, and a grounded tone of voice that cuts straight through the milky world of food and drink.

Find out more ︎︎︎ solocoffee.co.uk

Services ︎︎︎
︎ Creative Direction
︎ Brand Identity
︎ Art Direction
︎ Campaign

Hired Guns ︎︎︎
︎LSB Studios (Photography)

︎Jacob Ray (Photography)


Give us a call. We are available (by appointment) 9-6, Mon - Fri @ The Department Store Studios in Brixton or via all widely accepted forms of modern communication.

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