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Why Tearing Up The Agency Rule Book Sets A New, Meaningful Direction.

Whilst studios and agencies strive to stand out within a highly competitive field, Office of Overview remind us that sometimes, you just have to say ‘fuck it.’ Setting the tone for years to come, the London-based crew’s new brand and accompanying website challenge the traditional approach to self-branding with a beanie, boiler suit and brilliantly humour-driven film. Keen to learn more, we had a chat with Founder & Creative Director James Sedgwick-Taylor, in which we discussed their new approach, being brave, and jumping in the Thames.

Chatting With Creative Boom About Helping Brands Stay Relevant Long Term.

London-based branding, design & production agency Office of Overview has relaunched with a new brand, website, and bold approach for helping brands stay relevant for the long term. We caught up with founder James Sedgwick-Taylor and his team to learn all about the fresh direction and why Wes Anderson's The Life Aquatic is the perfect creative reference for their studio attitude.

Chatting With The Brand Identity About Our New Typeface, Pondo.

A typeface based on ‘Modern Americanca’ – following a wild weekend in California’s small town backcountry. Pondo is a variable reserve contrast typeface, created in collaboration with type designer Tom Baber, working across the initial sketches and wider concept. Inspired by its namesake and inspiration, Ponderosa, Pondo embodies the studio’s obsession with the reverse contrast type genre and its association with the Wild West. Imbuing ‘the old voice’ of America with a contemporary edge is a feat that the team considers to have been the project’s greatest tribulation.

A Catalyst For More Meaningful Work.

After much back and forth, reliving the highs and lows of our previous years, we’ve come to the conclusion that the best work we’ve done was born from thoughtful expressions of authentic, nuanced ideas & perspectives. So, we’ve boiled it down into three lessons. Each feeding into one another and coming together to create more engaging work.

Talking With The Brand Identity About House Special.

Reacting against the cliches of restaurant merchandise, we instead developed an exploratory range that considers all the folks that make the restaurant function, thrive and flourish whilst designing within Mr Bao’s existing casual workplace guidelines – those being comfy clothes and no logos.

Why The Agency World Needs More Straight-Talk.

For an industry that champions its ability to communicate ideas, we’ve done an almighty job of confusing how we talk about what we do. The Agency Bio Generator™ calls time on the fluff. It’s a facetious play on the over-complicated jargon you often have to wade through to get to the good stuff. In true DADA fashion, the site generates around 8 trillion different agency bio combinations. Saying everything, and absolutely nothing at all.


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