Brand Identity & Design

Brands today operate across a multitude of online and offline platforms. Each and every one of your customers experience your brand uniquely, but a coherent and consistent narrative is what gives it its power. We see every one of your brand’s touch points as an opportunity to deepen your connection with your audience, so we work with you to translate your story compellingly across a range of interesting and diverse applications.


How We Help

Beyond traditional brand identities like logos, colours and typography, we help brands find creative tools to express their message more effectively. Building on powerful cultural perspectives, research and strategic thinking, we see every part of your brand’s communication as an opportunity to strengthen and deepen your positioning. We direct creative across brand identity, design, packaging, environments and many more creative (& obscure) functions.


— Brand Identity
— Packaging 
— Editorial
— Social Communications


Give us a call. We are available (by appointment) 9-6, Mon - Fri @ The Department Store Studios in Brixton or via all widely accepted forms of modern communication.

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